Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The time has come...!

Finally, the long awaits Tiesto Asia Tour has come. In less than 30 more hour to go, I will be experiencing the wildest party ever in MALAYSIA together with 15, 000 other trance addicts, hardcore clubbers and mostly, TIESTO followers!

No words best describe me at this moment. It's a mixed feeling. Heart beating fast, blood pumping hard, adrenaline rush by thinking of it. It's like you driving a 911turbo speeding over 160MPH on the legendary Nurburgring racetrack. It's better than orgasm man....HAHA! I'm feeling all over excited now. Can't wait to step on the party ground, feel the breeze from the shores and the heat from the crowd and get ready to hype up!. Choosing a shore as for this party location is perfectly match with Tiesto themes, Elements of Life! It's my first beach party, I'm so so ready now...woo hoo~

Right, my initial plan was a two-men trip, but somehow we ended up double date trip. haha! So, I guess both of us is stuck to our own girls for a reason xD hehehe, oh well at least it's no longer a sausage fest now. Anyway, it's still gonna be FUN. As the saying goes, the more the merrier ya. Yeah, partying with your loves one always the perfect choice to maximize the heat level.

Really no mood to work now, and most probably will be having insomniac tonight. LOL! How to close your eye and rest your mind when it's full of the sync beats looping in your head...dup dup...dup dup..[beats thumping goes on]..tsk tsk..[electrical snare kicks in]..duk duk...[heavy bass leads with sexy vocals] 4 life~ oh my~ pardon me ^ ^
Now please excuse me, I got a beach party to crash later. That's it! anyone of you are going, enjoy it!!!!!'s one in a lifetime party.

[This is the party I'm waiting for..hohohoho}

See you there~

[where's my checklist? ah...]

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